About The Foundation

Monivae College Foundation was established in 1998, by a small group of passionate Old Collegians who were made aware their College was in need of assistance. The first meeting took place on a Sunday morning in the Boarder's Dining Room. It was the day after the Dunkeld Races, in short, the meeting became 'a call to arms'. The Foundation was formed with the purpose of raising financial resources to ensure Monivae College continued 'to provide young men and women of regional Victoria with quality Catholic educational experiences and opportunities'. Since that time, the Foundation has been active in seeking assistance and financial support from Old Collegians, past parents and friends of Monivae, via Tax Deductible donations. It is very much through a 'generosity of spirit' from the wider Monivae community, that the Foundation continues to assist students and families in need and support the College as it continues to undergo a period of significant transformation. We are proud of our achievements to date, however, there is still much work to be done

Our Vision

We will realise our future potential when we have the financial resources necessary to fully underpin the annual Bursary and Scholarship program of the College and its capital works requirements

Our Goal

The Foundation has set the following goal: To establish by 2020, Bursary and Scholarship Endowment Funds of $5 million to assist the College in funding of: Bursaries (financial support for students/families in need) and; Scholarships (merit based financial assistance)

" The The opportunity of a good education is one of the great advantages of life. I am deeply grateful for that opportunity at Monivae. It is natural that all of us who received an education at Monivae have a duty  to help the College offer the same opportunity to other young men and women today and in the future".
                                                                                                                                                                   Allan Myers QC, AC - Class of 1964