Over the past 15 years, Monivae College Foundation has played an integral role, assisting financially with a number of significant Capital developments. Of note is the recently opened Chevalier Wellbeing Centre and the enclosure and heating of the College pool. These projects have only been made possible through the generosity of Mr Geoff Handbury AO and Old Collegian Mr Alex Tseng respectively. With a focus on wellbeing, positive psychology and mindfulness, these facilities and programs position the College at the forefront of contemporary wellbeing practice. Strategically, these projects have also opened up some exciting new possibilities for the College.

The first of these is the Monivae Cricket Academy. In partnership with Cricket Victoria and Southern Grampian’s Shire, Monivae College has been selected as the preferred regional location for the establishment of a pre-eminent Cricket Academy in Western Victoria. The second project is the redevelopment of the Performing Arts Centre. The PAC redevelopment will complete the final stage of the Chevalier Centre project.

In reality, Capital Works such as these do not happen in schools with a moderate fee structure like Monivae without the assistance of generous benefactors. The Foundation is now seeking to support Monivae as it strives to fund the development of these two Capital projects.

To find out more about these exciting projects or to become a benefactor of the Regional Cricket Academy or the Performing Arts Centre, download a brochure by clicking on the project links.